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Oh my Roman god of eloquence

Sat 07 March 2015


Limits are meant to be tested, to be experienced and ultimately to be bend and pushed a little bit further. A philosophy that Ayrton Senna, the legend, lived by.

Which I think is an accurate description of the "Mercury", who was designed by Forum member strop, who runs Gryphon Gear. His company is always looking to test the limits of both game and car manufacturing reality.

Wizzy has met with strop to ask him a few questions about how he came up wiith this car, especially the rear end. Here is a summary of the interview:


What brought you to this very eye-catching, exotic design?

A long process, (all our designs are long processes, really)! I guess the starting point, paradoxically, was that we were looking for something that was more focused, more elegant than our more outlandish designs (like Sleipnir), yet retained its aggressiveness. The overall vision, therefore, was actually inspired by the evolution of the Lamborghini designs: angular, with large blocky vents and pointed lines.

The centerpiece of the tail was actually inspired by a design study undertaken by master designer Razyx of ManHell Automotive, who actually attempted a revision of the Mephisto’s rear end.

You may also notice the unusual pop up headlights. It’s true that they are finicky and more difficult to make work on a legal and practical level. The funny thing is, it was while I was sounding off ideas with a well-known connoisseur of elegance, Leo Baltazar, he was the one who said “You know what, if the car’s going to be so mad, why not completely do away with common sense and use pop up headlights?”

Is this the concept model or will this really make it the production line without changes?

This is absolutely a concept and cannot be made into a streetable, production model because it wouldn’t be legal anywhere due to the specifications of the engine and its complete lack of safety features.


Why did you choose a V8 over other formats?

Best bang for displacement. It’s the most space effective format for the bay, and for that reason we also happen to have the most experience with it. It’s also easier to balance twin turbos, of which the ones on this particular engine are giant. We saved more space by choosing Flatplane, too, the upside of that being it sounds like a horde of warring aliens from outer space.


Thanks to strop for his time. And we are always looking out for outstanding designs and we will gladly pick up your car if it leaves people with their mouth open, showing the world what you can do with Automation.



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