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So it begins..

Thu 05 February 2015

It has been two weeks since our guys from Automation have united with Matt and his crew from TheSmokingTires to explore everything the island has to offer when it comes to revving engines and, duh, smoking tires.

The first video (check below) has appeared on Youtube today and it shows Andrew and Matt piloting Andrew's very own Mazda Lantis 2.0 V6. As they are cruising with increasingly high speed, we can see Andrew smiling nervously, hoping that the 22 year old car keeps it together until the end, while trying not to cover his fabulous Automation shirt with the seatbelt. Matt visibly enjoys revving the fabulous little engine to the limiter, as the car scratches around the corners, making you wish to travel these roads in a equally unusual car.

Having a six cylinder engine in what is considered to be a fairly small car, is a concept we have also seen recently in Leonardo's very own Quark L, so it is after all, Automation approved.

Keep an eye on our newssection, the Automation Forum and TheSmokingTire's Youtube channel, as more videos are going to be released, featuring our beloved game as well!


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