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Company name49er Cars
OwnerWeasel (Platinum Contributor)
Founded year1949
Everything started in WW2. Grandfather Weasel had to leave Germany in 1938 because of his political resistance against the NS-regime. He fled to Norway, where he completed his studies for mechanical engineer. During this he meanwhile, he met three other Germans that just as he had to flee. One of them was Hans, he studied mathematics and was a clever guy with numerbs and money. The other guys were Karl and Franz. Karl had a lot of mechanic knowledge, cause his father had a service station in Germany and Franz also studied mechanical engieneering. One night, it was almost at the end of the war, the four young guys sat at one or more beers together. They were alcoholic melancholy, because they lacked their home and they realized that they wanted to return to Germany. And some years later, the war was over and it was save to go back to Germany, they went back to their home. The economic wonder began and everyone wanted to be free and mobile. A lot of car companies raised everywhere an so the 4 guys decided to joint this adventure. They knew, that they had the knowledge to do it. When it was serious, Franz wasn't that sure anymore and he decided to not to start with his friends. He moved into politics and became the major of a big city. The other 3 guys started their own company. On the first of March 1949 was finally time. 49er cars was founded. Hans became the chief of finance. Grandpa Weasel startet to draw car designs an calculated the reliability and did the research and development. Karl had the final say in the production and workshop. The middle of 1950 the first car was put on the market, the Primus. A large Family Sedan with a high reliability and utility. After that a smaller and cheaper sedan followed, the Secundus. Both cars were best sellers. Followed by plenty of other vehicles and the company was growing and growing. In 1972 Granda Weasels son (Daddy) joined the company and 49er cars wanted to discover new marketes. They decided to build more powerfull cars. Another company for higher performance cars started. So 74 Performance was born. This company should be the silversmith, in which only the fast star and luxury cars are built. Weasel jr. was appointed Chief. As a result, here is the first turbocharged engine, the first prototype was developed in 1974 at the Geneva Motor Show. The first turbo-driven vehicle was then brought to the market in 1975. In 1983 the 3 friends retired and handed over the business to Weasel jr.. He was the only descendant, as Hans and Karl had no children. In 1988 the company was officaly renamed in Weasels 49er Cars and Weasles 74 Performance. 2008 I joined the company and a few years later I became Chief of R&D. The company is now one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. I hope that I can continue as successful in the future, as my ancestors did.

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