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Prototype: Mobility Solution 1.0-3

Prototype: Mobility Solution 1.0-3

Year: 1955
Engine: Unspecified
Additional info:
In 1955, Normandy's first car was, as all cars start, a prototype. It's was labeled with the moniker "Prototype: Mobility Solution 1.0-3" or simply, as "P:MS" for short. It had a 1.0L twin-carb i4 SOHC engine, producing a whopping 35 HP, bolted to either a 3-speed manual, or 2-speed automatic. For about $100 more, you get could get one with a 4-speed manual. With a top speed of 60 MPH. It was a shitty car, don't even try, but it was the start of something better. Unfortunately, the name was it's downfall... Or so Normandy thought.

An intern by the name of Kevin (fucking Kevin), was under the impression that the vehicles name was actually PMS104, and signed off of shipping the car. Bear in mind, that this vehicle was intended for sale in America during the Women's Lib movement. The outcry from women everywhere washed over Normandy like a molten metal tsunami. Even with the ire of women everywhere, the PMS went on sale. It turned out to be mildly popular with single men, if only just to piss women off. The PMS was a steady and stable sale for nearly a year, given Normandy more than enough to try their hand at building a more... Publicity friendly mode of transportation.

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