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Company nameNormandy Automotive
Founded year1955
CountryUnited Kingdom
Founded in 1955 by an old man with an even older desk, with the innocent purpose of producing cheap to manufacture, cheap to own, reliable transportation for the masses. Normandy's first two cars to hit mass production were the "R", a two-door sports car and the "Pug", a knock-off version of the famous Beetle. The idea of cheap and reliable took its most famous shape in 1967 with the advent of the Espera (Portuguese for Hope), a vehicle that was roughly $6,000 to produce, but was sold in large numbers to a wide variety of people for whatever they could pay. Normandy took a massive loss with the Espera, but made up for it big time, with many many new fans. That was all well and good, until 50 years later, when Vos took control of the company and hired former Soviet and Nazi scientists to perform illegal and immoral experiments to further automotive science. Enter the Echo, Velocity, M 1/2 and the Evanecere. The bleeding edge of automotive performance. With top speeds reaching upwards of 447 MPH, Normandy set the bench for blistering speed. Along with a myriad of Track-Day cars, like the Hasira, Normandy had fully and uncomfortably wedged itself into the pinnacle of the Automotive realm.

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