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Company nameSuzume Motor Manufacturing Industries
OwnerVicVictory (Platinum Contributor)
Founded year1975
In early 1975, the Higashi Corporation was looking to expand from its core business of motorcycles. They were testing to see if the jump to manufacturing cars was viable. Putting out a call to other manufacturers, they made their 990cc sport bike motor available for examination and adaptation. Ardent Motor Corporation answered the call, and went to work analyzing the H-100 motor for its strengths and weaknesses. With Ardent giving platform information back to Higashi, in the form of their recently designed Piper subcompact sedan, it was only natural for this series to be the test bed. Ardent diverted two test bodies for the yet-unreleased hatchback version of the Piper, and the hybrid Higashi motors were installed. Thus started Ardent's captive import brand: Suzume Motor Manufacturing Industries. The 10 S and 13G were the first models borne of that collaboration. Shortly after inception, Ardent sunk capital into a design studio and factory in Japan, giving Suzume their own R&D division. Through the 70's and 80's they were subject to approval from the parent company. Finally, in the 90's, Suzume was allowed conditional design autonomy.

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