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Company nameScarlatti Automobili
OwnerScarlatti Automobili
Founded year2005
Our story is close to Giorgio Scarlatti's one. Born in 1921 in Italy, Scarlatti was a race driver, invovled in numerous Formula 1 races with the finest italian racing machines of his time, including Maserati, Ferrari and De Tomaso. Scarlatti has also created a "scuderia" in 1956, engaging Jo Bonnier by his side to take part in various races around the World. As he died in 1990, his grand-son, Luigi Scarlatti, has one dream; pay a tribute to his grandfather and racing driver with a magnificent car, build through passion. In 2005, Scarlatti Automobili is born in Brescia, Italy, famous for the striking Mille Miglia race. The founder, Luigi Scarlatti, wants to create a car which can combine both the elegance and authenticity of classic cars, but also performance and modernity of a present car. Through perseverence, he started his company to perpetuate his grandfather heritage. Now, the dream is on its way... Check our website:

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