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Company nameRennen Automotive
Founded year1964
CountryUnited States
Rennen Automotive was founded in 1964, by John Rennen. Their first car, the Rennen Angeles, was a sleek 2-door sports coupe that appealed to many people; unfortunately, it was also limited in production as ell as quite expensive, so it was on sale for only 5 years before a major revamp, which turned it into a 2-door or 4-door saloon while staying true to the soul of the original sports car. 
Some of the most difficult times for Rennen occured around the late 1970's and early to mid 80's, as the fuel crisis had hit America hard. As such, the popular Caelum resorted to a price drop, an efficient but weak 4 Cylinder, and FWD. This boosted sales enough to keep certain cars like the Kusanagi in sales, but wasn't enough to make Rennen a standout company. In 1980, Rennen was the 17th largest company in America.
The 1990's sought out a change for Rennen. After the hit of the 1980's, the 90's was a breath of fresh air. Technology seems to have skyrocketed, and more electronic driver aids meant that the Staccato and others were able to become true luxury cars. The Angeles Coupe, popular with tuners for it's ease of making power, was one of our best selling cars along with the Caelum, accumulating over 150,000 sales in the year 1993.
As of 2001, his young son, Evan Rennen, took over the company, and reinvented Rennen to an even higher quality standard. The Caelum, previously a more frugal-oriented car, was moved to a much more upscale class. Today, all of our cars keep the soul made by the "Angel". They follow the quality and sportiness that is expected of such a company.

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