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Company nameSwanson Motorsports Engineering
Owner07CobaltGirl (Bronze Contributor)
Founded year1969
CountryUnited States
Grandfather Swanson started a small garage in 1946 after coming home from WWII service. He learned engine mechanics in the Navy and found a passion for engines. His father told him, find what you love, and learn how to get paid for it, which he did. His granddaughter shared this passion, and learned early in life how to build, repair, and upgrade the engines of the 1960's. She would relocate from that small shop in Oklahoma City to the big city of Atlanta before opening Swanson Motorsports Engineering. She had a dream, and was going to make her grandfather proud! By the time he had passed away in 1988, he had been fully amazed by the talent of his granddaughter, and was indeed proud of her accomplishments.

SME began in 1969 as a humble performance shop, specializing in performance enhancements and tuning for busy motor-heads to make high-speed, low-ET passes at local drag strips using Small Block Chevy motors. SME quickly became a dominant force on the quarter-mile tracks across the Southeastern US, and eventually reached as far as California for it's customer base. Since that time, we have expanded to car manufacturing our own designs beginning in 1981. Beginning with the 1982 Alpha RS and drawing heavy inspiration from 1960s American muscle cars and European Grand Tourer models, a blend of aggressive styling and high performance engines collide in a sport road car blend.

Swanson Motorsports Engineering is dedicated to horsepower, the rumble of big overhead valve V8s, and smokey burnouts. We can provide CNC machining, Forge-works, and even Carbon Fiber work for all of your automotive needs. It doesn't matter if it is a weekend track car, a daily driver, or a fully functional racing machine: American Performance has no compromise!

Visit us at Swanson Motorsports Engineering on Automation for more information.

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