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Company nameDenevo Motors
Founded year1941
Denevo Motors was founded in 1941 by a young, quiet 16 year old named John who always had an affinity for mechanical physics. He decided on making engines and selling them to his friends, so he started in his shed working on his engine prototype - the Denevo A-1, a 1.4 liter inline 4. John got a grant from an investment company in 1945 that allowed him to develop his first buildings - a dealership, a small factory, and a minimalistic headquarters sporting an R&D facility, a few offices and a design & engineering facility. He then hired a small workforce to help him make his dream come true. Denevo Motors released their first vehicle, the Denevo Ace, in 1946, featuring a Naturally Aspirated 1.9L inline 4, and they continued to release technologically-sophisticated vehicles until 2020, when the company was sold to the same investment company that started them, and was turned into a management division.

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