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Company nameArdent Motors Corporation
OwnerVicVictory (Platinum Contributor)
Founded year1934
CountryUnited States
Pre-1948 – Precursor The economic devastation wrought by the Great Depression was something the world would not soon, if ever, forget. Ardent’s automotive motor building started in this era, just as the United States was beginning to see recovery. Though the nation’s unemployment rate had dropped below 20 percent, scratching out a living in such a business environment was nothing short of backbreaking. Long a provider of farm machinery, Ardent Equipment Industries had seen many of its core customers disappear as the Depression hit. Thousands of businesses of all stripes were failing, and AEI was determined not to be another statistic. Diversification of its target audience was a bold move, but slight tweaking of their small tractor motors provided a decent and inexpensive, if not thrilling, base for an auto engine. Demand for cars at the time, of course, was very low, but many of the would-be competitors in this field were already bankrupt when Ardent produced its first automobile engine in 1936. Orders came in slowly at first, but they were enough to sustain the company for the short term. In the summer of 1937, AEI began design work on a motor coach of their own, as well as a brand new series of engines for motivation. Their long term aspiration, in the face of growing recovery, was to become a carmaker in their own right, not just to provide power for other companies. Unfortunately, their plans were put on hold temporarily as the economy took another step back in 1938. It would be a decade before anything they penned during this timeframe to actually end up on the market.

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