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Company nameBuyruk Automotive
Founded year1976
SHORT:Buyruk Automotive established at 1976 by Mehmet Kutay Buyruk. Buyruk had the chance to start his own dream car company at 1976 by a project car (Buyruk SL1) at his own garage. Now, at 2014, Buyruk Automotive is one of the most biggest car companies.


    Year 1973, at Şaşmaz (Şaşmaz, Ankara, Turkey), Buyruk Garaj aka Buyruk Mod Garage was established by Mehmet Kutay Buyruk. Buyruk Mod Garage's job was to sell modifications for cars and do general stuff like changing oil or changing air filter... They have done it one a small garage for 2 years and then they bought a new and bigger garage called "Buyruk Garage". It was a modern place and they hired tons of staff to be able to do everything. They were even able to swap motors, produce their own parts etc. After the first two months, Buyruk had a conversation with his best friend about cars. Buyruk had a great idea. He was going to make a project car to advert his own garage and make him dreams come true! He spend around 14-15k Turkish Liras (you could easily buy a luxury car with that price at 1975) at research, development, production and his own ideas. After 1 year of working, Buyruk SL1 was finished. -Don't forget to check it on my car list-

   Buyruk SL1 was a big success. At these times in Turkey was not really developed and people were demanding some Turkish innovation and production. They were wanting success and the rise of the Turkish Flag. After few days SL1 was released, media had a huge interest on the Buyruk Garage and SL1.--WIP--

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