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Company namePrato Motor Company
Ownernp1993 (Gold Contributor)
Founded year1946
Prato Motor Company (PMC) founded in 1946 by N. Prato, an Italian engineer who immigrated to Canada after World War II. The company started in March of 1946 in a 5,000 square foot warehouse, with 10 employees where Prato Motor Company built custom coaches, in partnership with Ford. Using suspension, body panels, frame and transmissions supplied by Ford, PMC built custom low run automobiles of the highest standard that rivaled Oldsmobile and Cadillac for interior fit and finish. The first model produced by PMC was the Prato Grand Tourer, a luxury sedan. Prato Motor Company has forged a name for itself over the 60 years for being first and foremost, a family company. A family company which puts people above numbers. PMC automobiles are renowned around the world for reliability, claiming accolades from commuters, enthusiasts and collectors. PMC automobiles have claimed international records including Motor Tred Top 10 picks, Top Gear UK features, and wining several podiums in both domestic and international rally circuits.

Medals & Awards7 / 14 medals

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