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MKII Trunfade

MKII Trunfade

Year: 2007
Engine: DSS-HDI-MultiEFI 2.4
Additional info:
MKII Trunfade

2007, the year of revolution for the motor industry, this engine, made in Lisbon, in the finest atliers by the coast of river Tejo, was inspired on the one used on the MKII Trunfade, even more refined and powerful.
With great styling, great gearbox, great engine and the most comfortable and sophisticated Multi-Link suspensions on the front and rear, made the Trunfade another masterpiece of art and engeneering...
The price tag...
Not a bargain, but still, cheap for its luxury and quality.
Many of the new innovations are safety related, this car is equipped with a list of safety gadgets, BLIS, Lane Change Assist, Front Collision Crash Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, 13 airbags (Driver, passenger, Chest Driver, Chest Passenger, Knee Driver, 2 Curtain Airbags, Rear Forward-Facing Airbags, Rear Thorax Airbags, Center Airbag and Roof Mat Airbag) a Reinforced Tridium Cell, an Enhanced Crumple Zone and Pre-Safe Technology.

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