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MKI Trunfade

MKI Trunfade

Year: 1987
Engine: DSS-HDI-EFI-2.2
Additional info:
Ponder Trunfade

In the late 80's there were demonstrations all over the world...
Ponder was busy demonstrating how refinement, luxury and power could be combined in four wheels. An automatic transmition, a powerful and buttery smooth Inline-4 engine, leather of the finest alpine bulls, tropical cherry wood imported from brazil, the best sinthetic foam and seat supports, all the latest gadgets and thrilling performance and drivability showed the world the Trunfade had no weaknesses apart from its price tag...
In those days one of those cars would cost 98.900$, it wasn't a car for everyone, as only 1987 units were produced.

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