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Company nameTraxx
Founded year1958
Welcome to the Official Traxx and Traxx Racing thread!
Traxx and Traxx Racing was founded by Hallowenman

This information is from the official Traxx and Traxx Racing thread from the original Automation forum, the time when Automation companies started out. Information has been updated.

Traxx, great handling combined with ultimate power

Early History
Traxx was founded in 1958, but Traxx Racing was originally founded in 1914. Traxx Racing started out as a racing team, using cars and engines from other manufacturers. They entered lots of racesfrom 1914 to 1917 with cars from other manufacturers and with engines tuned by the racing team. Traxx Racing was only a racing team in this period and only tuned engines bought from other manufacturers to compete in races. In 1918 Traxx Racing started producing their own racing cars, and in 1919 their own engines to use in race series they entered. The first year as a car manufacturer they used engines from other cars that were specially tuned by Traxx Racing before the racing cars were released. All cars produced by Traxx Racing were racing cars, none of these cars were road legal. Traxx Racing did well in their early years, in both racing and producing race cars and race engines. Thanks to sponsors they could afford to hire a R&D team to further improve their engines and cars.This was a big change for them. Traxx Racing now got the opportunity to make better cars and engines to still be competitive in the race series they entered. Traxx Racing offered to sell platforms and engines to other teams. More racing teams chose their models and engines after the improvements. Traxx Racing was never one of the best or biggest racing teams at this time, but they did very well. In 1958 Traxx Racing decided to start producing road cars. Their dream and imagination was to give people the chance to drive cars which handled as good as race cars, had the power of a race carbut that could be affordable for anyone and that could be used everyday. It was also very important that all cars felt good to drive, that the driver actually controlled the car. Therefore Traxx Racingdidn't want to make cars that were very easy to drive, it had to feel like you were controlling this fine piece of machine. Traxx Racing didn't want to sell the cars under the name Traxx Racing anddecided to create a new company called Traxx. Traxx were the road versions of the Traxx Racing cars, desinged to be affordable and used as an everyday car. Traxx Racing continued as a racing team, using their own racing engines and platforms to compete.

Modern History
Traxx started to produce road cars in 1958. These cars were designed by Traxx Racing and then given to the Traxx design team to make them competetive road cars. The Traxx design team made the model ready for production after Traxx Racing had designed the exterior. Traxx only took care of interior, brakes and the engine. After some years Traxx was starting to make more money. They sold more cars than ever. More people found these cars interesting. The early cars weren't that good. This was mostly because they were designed as racing cars which caused them to not be very good road cars, but over the years this was improved. When Traxx started to sell a lot of cars, they decided to expand their team. Now Traxx did all the work for the road cars. Traxx Racing could now focus on the racing cars and racing engines and didn't need to worry about the road cars.
Traxx Racing is the original Traxx brand. Traxx was founded by Traxx Racing and was always controlled by Traxx Racing. In more recent time, Traxx have started to take their own choices when deciding what type of cars to produce. The two manufacturers are more seperated than ever, but Traxx Racing is still in charge of Traxx, and Traxx is owned by Traxx Racing.

Traxx TRT
Most car manufacturers have special tuning departments which tune their normal road cars to be sportier and faster, more fun. BMW has the M series: BMW M3, M5 and more series. Mercedes hasAMG. Traxx has their own special tuning department. Hyper cars and some super cars might not be tuned by our special tuning team because they are designed to be sporty and fast from the start.The cars tuned by our tuning team were fine tuned by them, and only a few of our exclusive cars are tuned by them. The short name for our tuning team is TRT. They make sure that no Traxx is boring to drive!

Traxx: General Info: Traxx is a small car company producing sport cars, super cars and hyper cars. All Traxx cars are designed to be fast with good handling, but also an everyday car.
Traxx Racing: General Info: Traxx Racing is the racing versions of the normal Traxx cars. All Traxx Racing cars are designed 100% for racing and do not pass road standards, they are therefore not road legal.

Traxx & Traxx Racing: Engine Name System: To find the correct engine and to understand how it is built, you can read how we name our engines. All Traxx and Traxx Racing engines are named after this unique system.Message to all other car manufacturers: please don't copy our system without our permission! Thank you.

Engine Name System:
(Tx for Traxx, TxR for Traxx Racing) (I4, I6, V8)(cp for crossplane, fp for flatplane)(T for turbo, TT for twin turbo) (litres)-(horsepower) (If engine is designed for a special event/race/car: short description or name) (year for the special event/race/car)

Example 1:
TxR V8cp 8-1201Explained:Traxx Racing engine, V8 Crossplane, 8 Litres, 1201 Horsepower
Example 2:Tx V8fpTT 6-855Explained:Traxx engine, V8 Flatplane, Twin Turbos, 6 Litres, 855 Horsepower

Car Models
Below is a list of all Traxx and Traxx Racing cars. The list only shows the name of the car and when it was released. To find out more about a car, please read the replies to this thread.Detailed information will be posted in seperate posts in this thread as the cars are revealed and released.
Traxx ModelsBelow is a list of all Traxx road legal models.

Sport Cars & Sporty Everyday Cars
Traxx P-SC R14 (2014 - 2018)
Traxx Bull GTX320 (1971 - 1975)
Traxx Bull GTX360 (1971 - 1975)
Traxx TX1 (1992 - 1997)
Traxx 120RS & Traxx 120 (2014 - 2017)
Traxx GT98 TRT (coming soon)

Super Cars & High End Sport Cars
Traxx Ams 850 (2014 - 2016)
Traxx Ezett TRT (coming soon)
Traxx Vaytei TRT (coming soon)

Hyper Cars
Traxx R Spec R171 (2014 - 2015)

Traxx Racing Models
Below is a list of all Traxx Racing models.

Oval Racing
Traxx Racing NAS G1 (2014)

Track Racing
Traxx Racing Elite (2014)
TxR V8fp 5-455 24h Endurance AM 2013 (This is only an engine, no platform included)
Traxx Racing M14 R1 GT2 (designed for the Automation Endurance Challenge: hosted by Traxx Racing and oldgreg:
Traxx Racing M14 R1-2 GT1 (designed for the Automation Endurance Challenge: hosted by Traxx Racing and oldgreg:
Traxx Racing Vaytei R TRT (coming soon)

Contact me if you have any questions!
If your company (either car company or tuning company) wishes to cooperate with Traxx or Traxx Racing, please contact me.
I hope you enjoy our car models!
Traxx, great handling combined with ultimate power

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