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Company nameŽnoprešk Avtotehnika
Founded year1933
Born from the Žnoprešk Aerotehnika, the Avtotehnika start to move its own steps in the car markets after several request for car engines during the 30s.

After WWII it moved the HQ in the Free Territory of Trieste, worried about the recently born Jugoslavian Tito dictatorship. They lost some important facilities in Pula and Rijeka with this move, but the freedom and the money available in the Italian market were impossible to find in Jugoslavia.

In the 60s they were one of the biggest car manufacturer in Europe and their position started to decline in the following years due the extremely simple, but reliable, mechanics of the available models.

In 1972 they merged with the other big Trieste engines and sportscars manufacturer, the BMMS, creating the ŽM Automobili Group. This new synergy between the two companies brought Žnoprešk to revamp all the car models also with the new Z names, like the worldwide famous Zap!.

Medals & Awards2 / 14 medals

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