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Company nameEire MotoWerks
Founded year1919
Founded in 1919 as the first motor company in Ireland, Eire Motor Manufacturer, has been the name of reliability and quality for nearly 100 years. Known for our generators and small motorbike engines, Eire Motor's first car rolled offthe production line in 1932. The Eire Avendant was the Premier car for the upper class in Ireland for nearly 40 years, before it was cut from the line up due to manufacturing costs. With a rebranding to the Germanicized Eire MotoWerks due to the popularity at the time of German saloons, coupes, and cabriolets; this change in focus from luxury class cars, to the everyday heros and affordable "Hot Eco's EMW's popularity shot through the roof in Western Europe.

The companies main focus in the later half of the noughties and here continuing is on responsible sport and the Hedonistic nature of driving.

"Who wants to drive a nice car if it makes you dread even going to the shops? Why take a "family car" when you can fit your family in a Sporty EMW Emerald class? Who wants boring. We hope you dont, because that is not what we will deliver."

Come back to EMW for news of our upcoming cars!

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