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Company nameGuentherstrass AG
Founded year1945
The company that later became Guentherstrass AG began as the armored vehicle research divison of Krupp Arms. During WWI, they pitched a design for an advanced armored attack vehicle. Kaiser Willhelm II was present at the vehicle's first test. He decided that it was not necessary, as the far cheaper Ehrhardt was already prepared. The divison was told to produce Ehrhardts, which they begrudgingly did. After WWI, they designed the T-21 Tarakan tank for the new Soviet Army. They produced over 10,000. WWII came along, and the company produced tanks for the German military during that conflict, as well.

A little more than a month after the European war ended, 24 year old Heinrich Guentherstrass used his life's savings to purchase the Krupp armored vehicle factories in Stuttgart and Essen. He quickly converted them into car factories. His brothers Emil and Werner helped him in designing a car for postwar Germany, the Gunetherstrass Model 1. This cheap, economical, and reliable car ended up becoming a resounding success, rocketing Guentherstrass into the spot of Germany's #3 carmaker.

In 1948, the West German government put out a request for a limousine to transport government officials. Guentherstrass put forward the Grosser. It was a large, extremely luxiurious sedan with coach doors and a large V8 engine. The car was just the thing needed by businessmen all over mainland Europe, so they decided to also sell it on the commercial market. The 1949 Guentherstrass Grosser was a new high-water mark for luxury sedans.

Since 1949, Guentherstrass AG has produced the finest luxury and premium cars to come out of mainland Europe.

Guentherstrass: Dynamic Elegance

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