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XCS Type-S Concept

XCS Type-S Concept

Year: 2017
Engine: N8T-A1
Additional info:
The XCS (Experimental Coupe Sports) is the result it is the result of over 20 years of experience.2017 will be a revolutionary year for Kuromitsu Motors Ltd. with a range of models with a new design and a new engine technology providing excellent performance and fuel consumption !
The XCS Type- S is a sports coupe but at the same time maintaining the essential luxuries to the present. The compromise between sportiness and luxury gave some nice 1205kg weight.
Equipped with a revolutionary engine (N8T-A1) 1.8cc V6 Twin Turbo with 322hp mounted in a central position, double-wishbone suspension, ceramic brakes (KCB), Launch Control, ... all this allows this model excellent performance!

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