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Company nameBMC AG
OwnerUltimateBMWfan (Platinum Contributor)
Founded year1909
BMC AG (Bayerische Motor Company) is a German automotive manufacturer founded in 1909. BMC AG has gained reputation and fame through it's rich motorsport history, producing engines for Formula 1 vehicles, and competing in numerous championships such as the DTM, Le Mans 24 hours, IMSA endurance series, WTCC, and more. The BMC Headquarters are located in Munich, Germany, where state of the art facilities are present. The site facilities for car development include the BMC M production line, where all of the BMC M models are produced, as well as complex R&D Facilities, including a private test track for car adjustments. The facility is also open to the public, allowing people to view our past models in the Museum, or even receive their ordered vehicle from the delivery center.

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