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Company nameVivara Automotive Industries
Founded year1983
In 1983, there is a sudden shift in the automotive industry, a new big name pops out of an unexpected location - Spain. After a lucky win at a local lottery, Genericus Namelingson decided to, instead of bying a luxurious home and an italian stallion to take him to the shops, he decided to hit the road in a different fashion, starting his own automotive manufacturer - Vivara Automotive Industries. With large fundings from the beginning, Genericus hired a large team of designers to design 2 (at least fairly) good looking vehicles for 2 completetely different markets: an economical 4-door family eco-machine, and a cheap, lightweight convertible sports car, so that he can see what market Vivara will fit into. Completely against Genericus' expectations, both vehicles are massive successes, and after a bit more experimentation with new models (while keeping the main 2 sellers in production) Vivara became a company of diversity, with everything from the traditional eco-hatch to offroading SUVs and luxury sedans to among the most exotic of high-performance vehicles.

Today, Vivara is among the biggest names in the industry, even after some questionable decisions causing a sizeable drop in funds, and is known for its previously mentioned massive variety, but also for building cheap interiors and overall unsafe vehicles.

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