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Company nameZendrix Motors
Founded year1937
CountryUnited States
Founded in 1937 by engineer and car enthusiast Jim Mondaix as a way to counter mundane driving. His belief is that cars shouldn't be treated as transportation, but instead as an extension of one's body. He believed that everyone should know their vehicle inside and out, and how to handle it. This paved way for the current company's method of creating cheap, sporty vehicles of all classes. But Jim also believed that the company should be on the forefront of technology, and if necessary, create vehicles for those who want not sport, but comfort. This lead the company using solely DOHC systems, regardless of the engine, and adopting unleaded gasoline before laws forced the change.

In 1966, Jim Mondaix retired and his son, Richard Mondaix, took over for Zendrix Motors. Over his tenure, Richard Mondaix oversaw the vast expansion of Zendrix Motors from low production sports orientated vehicles, to entirely new classes of vehicles, sports trucks, sports vans, and more. The diversification of Zendrix Motors allowed it to grow, and expand into non-sport orientated venues as well; Solidfying Zendrix Motors as one of the primeir vehicle manufactueres.

In 2001, Richard Mondaix passed the torch onto his son, Joey Mondaix. Joey continued the tradtion of Zendrix motors, but he too oversaw expansion into more fields, primarily racing applications. He revamped the company's famous Super Sport level of trims to all vehicles, and increased production of such vehicles.

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