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Company nameRugen
Founded year1953
Rugen was founded in 1953 by Jørgen Andressen and Alexander Engen, for acomplishing Norway's automotive needs at the time. Soon after, the company gained popularity and growed in size. In the 1960's, Rugen started making luxury cars for the richer people. A survey in 1963 showed that over 90% of the company's customers would have a Rugen rather than any other car.

By 1965, Rugen built a total of 300.000 cars!

Because of the huge popularity growth in such a short time, the company was obliged to build the 2nd factory in 1971. At that time, Rugen had around 5.000 workers, 200 engineers and 5 designers!

From 1973, the car company started getting some bad ratings, it started selling less and less cars each month. Only 5 months after, they discovered that a spy from a rival car maker was ruining the engine's designs. Rugen decided to make a recall for almost all the cars, so there were less car sales, but more car reparations.

In 1986 was built the iconic Rugen Eta, some call it the Estimated Time of Arrival, the car's estimated time of arrival was shorter than other cars, no matter the distance or the road, and that's what made the Eta, in most people's opinion, the best rally car ever made. Rugen started focusing on improving the Eta, and in 1988 they launched the Eta II. The model boosted Rugen's popularity all across Europe.

During the 1990's were built the Eta III, Eta IV and the Outsider, Rugen's first SUV.

By 2004, the Eta series won over 5 WRC cups! In 2005, the legendary Eta V. It was by far the best in the Eta series.

In the 2010's, Rugen has accomplished world-wide recognition. Over 200.000.000 cars were built by 2014. The story continues, what will Rugen bring us in the future?...

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