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Company nameKirk Automotive
Founded year1984
CountryUnited States
Although Kirk Automtive's first production car is a 1984 model year, their history starts back in the late 1970s.

The 1970s create chaos in the car industry! Manufacturers were scurrying to improve their cars quickly to counteract the suddenly higher oil prices and stricter emissions requirements. The found of Kirk Automtive recognized this issue. Having been in the manufacturing of efficient small motors while designing and producing of various parts for hundreds of other manufacturers, Kirk Corporation already had a great staff of engineers and researchers for manufacturing. Kirk Automtive was the company's venture to produce a vehicle that would revolutionized the car industry.

Their goal in 1978 was to create a car and engine that would be practical, fun, and most of all, far more efficient with fewer emissions than the industry. With this being the teams first ground up total car design, it took just over 5 years to begin mass production of their first car, the C130T. While by no means perfect, and not exactly inexpensive, the unique 1.3 liter Turbo hatch became a great niche car for those who wanted a fun to drive hatch with a far lower environmental impact than most cars on the market.

And the rest is history! Kirk Automotive would do everything it could to gain foothold in the highly competitive car market.

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