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Company nameFalco Automotive Engineering s.r.l
OwnerFalco (Platinum Contributor)
Founded year1954

In the year 1920 a young man was born in The Hague, The Netherlands. By the name of Falco Ferdinand Oostland. He had a rather easy youth and in 1938, Falco graduated from school. He was obsessed with engines from an early age. Following his graduation Falco went to study at the Vienna University of Technology. Afterwards he got a job at Daimler-Benz AG.In 1950, Falco left Daimler-Benz to work for Ferrari S.p.A.. Initially he worked on engines but later also got involved with the design of the cars. Falco became a big fan of the World Sportscar Championship since the series start in 1953.In 1954 Falco left Ferrari to start his own brand, Falco Automotive Engineering s.r.l..
The company started with a factory in Sorrento. And was created with the idea in mind to combine Italian passion and design, with German technologic advancement.

Medals & Awards8 / 14 medals

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