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Company nameBroker Road & Race
Founded year1936
CountryUnited States
Joshua Era (1936-1971)
Joshua D. Broker founds the Broker Motor Car Co. in Troy, NY in 1936. The company worked out of the Troy plant until the start of WW2 when the  company moved it's headquaters to Cincinnati. After the war the company began producing street cars which was fairly successful. In 1965 the company began working on producing muscle cars, which almost bankrupted the company. In 1971 Jay P. Oxford purchased the failing company.

Rebuilding Years (1971-1991)
Jay had shifted the company focus on engine and machined parts production and halted the auto car production. The company began turning a profit and they resumed auto car production in 1979. They introduced a series of off-road and street cars for the first 7 years of production. While street cars sold fairly well, thier off road vehicles were a failure and production seized after the 7 year period. In 1986 the company introduced their first sports car (X5) which was a huge success. The company was approached by a motorsport team to produce motors for the 1989-1990 season. Thus the Alpha Victor engine was born. 

The Years Inbetwen (1991-1997)
Besides the further production of street cars, sports cars, motors and machined parts their was no significant advancements. 

BR&R Era (1997-Present Day)
In 1997 Broker Motor Car Company was no more as the company's name was changed to Broker Road & Race. With the new name came a new era. The company was not only producing street cars, and sports cars but also would be doing contracts for motorsport teams, mostly GT racing teams. In 2005 BR&R released Edition One of their magazine Shift the world 5th most popular automotive magazine. The company has moved their corporate and R&D offices back to Troy, NY and has factories in North America, Europe and Japan. Today the company is a major part of racing culture in North America and has a minor role in European and Japanese race culture. The company is still competitive in the street car market but is mostly focusing on sports and race vehicles. BR&R still produces machined parts and engines, however due the current structure and focuses of the company it is a backgroud project under a subsidiary company J.M.P. (J Motor Products)

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