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Company nameReine
Founded year1962
CountryUnited States
In 1956, Reine motor company has began their journey. The founder, Maize Monette age 32, aimed for the sleek sporty vehicles that look menacing and luxurious. Their first model has done the best to their abilities to achieve that goal. It wasn't until 1962 when they started mass producing their first model.

In 1966, Reine increased their sport side of their vehicles, increasing quality of their vehicles. Their vehicles became faster, and more menacing to the eye.
Production hasn't changed too much as their company grew in size. In 1991, Reine have made their first racing vehicle that would later be driven in the 1993 and 1994 24 hours of Le Mans, however has survived neither events, totalling the first model, and engine failure in the second model.

A year later, in 1995, Maize Monette died of heart failure at the age of 71.

In early 2000, Luxury started fading and soon went for bulky mean looking vehicles. The models got more expensive, and more higher in quality.

In the late 2010, Reine has made several concept vehicles not made for mass production, usually consisting of only one made vehicle. They stayed on display and rarely seen on tracks, due to their unsafe designs.

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