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Company nameErin Motor Company
OwnerDeusExMackia (Platinum Contributor)
Founded year1959
CountryUnited Kingdom
The Erin Motor Company - proud makers of a multitude of 4 wheeled creations since 1959!

Beginning life as a racing team in the early 1950s, Erin rose to fame as the underdogs in major sporting events such as Le Mans and Touring Car Racing. A request from a rich American motoring enthusiast for "his own Erin" led to the founding of the company as a mass producer of high end sports cars, before expanding into the saloon and small car market during the 1960s.

From their golden age in the 70s, they fell hard during the later part of the decade as massive drops in profits led to investors pulling out. The company was almost brought to ruin, but it only led to the rebranding of Erin as a maker of safe, practical and good looking cars. Today, Erin makes everything from supermini's to executive saloons to high end sports cars. 

Their in-house tuning company, The X Department, design sportier versions of their cars, as well as being the manager's of ErinSport, the company's race team.

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