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Company nameDaven Automotive
Founded year1937
CountryUnited States
Daven Automotive got it's start in 1937 after Rodger Daven came up with a concept for a new cheap car during the war. After two years of what he called hell, he finally succeeded in late 1939 and named it the Python. The car was a 4 door RWD setup with an I4 SOHC 3VPC making 108 HP @4000 RPM and was released on Febuaray 17th, 1940 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The car was a success due to it's light weight, affordability, and amazing gas milage in those times. The Python was to continue for 11 years before discuntinuing 1 year right before Rodger's death. The only other car released under Rodger's leadership was the Apsure in 1942 Which wasn't as succesful. Events transpire through the years and Daven managed to stay afloat til 1962 when performance cars started taking over. Edgar Rockfire. (Rodger's son) Improvised a new idea and hired a select team of people who had ver good knowloedge in cars and formed the Daven Race Team. The purpose of D.R.T. was to make race and performance cars and de-tune race cars for street use. This quick idea turned into Daven's best idea in the 60s and has lead them through to even today still making high end HP cars. As of today in 2015, Daven Automotive is now ran by Andrew Cook and is still holding Daven traditions to this day.

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