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Company nameCerberus Motor Company
Founded year1949
CountryUnited States
A division of the Cerberus Group, Cerberus Motor Company was officially established shortly after World War II in the city of Hollis, Michigan after being a company created with the purpose of building light trucks for the Allied forces during the war. It went on to build legendary the legendary Provincial luxury vehicle. Other popular vehicles in its' lineup include the R Series of light trucks, the Roamer SUV, the Interceptor muscle car, and the purpose built Vindicator sedan. It also has fleet ties with police and taxi services, using the Vindicator and Roamer. And for the first time in its 66 year history, the company reached two milestones: Having its first female CEO and the long awaited re-release of the Interceptor, with two models released this time to comemorate its most popular model design as well its latest offering. In the 1980's, then again in 2015, the Interceptor was featured in the post-apocalyptic film series Road Warrior. CEO Elsa Shepard commented on the increasing popularity of the Interceptor, noting that it was "beneficial to the Cerberus name, giving it an iconic reputation." 

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