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Company nameWilliams Motor Corp. of Great Britain
Founded year2005
CountryUnited Kingdom
The Williams Motor Corporation of Great Britain (trading as WMC) was incorporated as a company in 2005 although it traces it's roots back much further. Established by my late father in 1968 as a specialist engine refurbishment business following his successful completion of a motor mechanics course at night-school. By the mid Seventies he was regularly being asked by enthusiasts to make "improvements" to their standard engines. As the tuning scene began to develop in the Eighties and Nineties the business grew with it. Demand from kit-car builders led to an in-house development of the 3.5 litre Rover V8 by using the EFI from the 3.9 Litre and adding an Intercooler and Turbocharger. The resulting unit produced 250 hp and 309 ft/lb of torque.

As a small company working in a unit on an industrial estate, the turn of the century brought a major change to the business. Firstly the sell-off of the original business premises meant that there was a substantial pot of money available to re-invest. Secondly, the collapse of the last British-controlled mass-market car maker (MG-Rover) made many in the industry lament the demise of famous British marques like Morris, Hillman and Triumph. The ressesion of 2008-09 also proved to be too much for another UK vehicle manufacturer, LDV, a commercial vehicle maker who went bust. However, this proved to be an opportunity that the recently incorporated WMC would not pass-up.

Purchasing the jigs and tooling from the official receivers, the board developed a business plan that would involve a tie-up with an Indian vehicle manufacturer (the Mysore Motor Co.) and the development of the company's first original engine design, the Trent. Production of the new series of light vans commenced in 2012. The body shells for all EU variants are produced in India and are complete save for the engine and transmission. The vehicles are shipped from Madras to the docks in Newport where they are transported the short distance to the WMC factory in Imperial Park on the outskirts of the city. This is where the powertrain is built and fitted.

Following on from the success of this venture the board successfully acquired the rights to resurrect one of the those defunct British marques (Hillman) from previous owner PSA. Building on the relationship with the Mysore Motor Company we plan to design and build a new range of cars that will be sold in the right-hand drive markets in south Asia and the British Isles.

Looking further ahead, the company looks to produce a range of sports cars potentially using another dormant marque such as Triumph.

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