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Company nameLMT Motors
Founded year1988
CountryUnited Kingdom
LMT Motors was founded in 1988 on the midst of the UK Automotive crisis. It aimed not only to revive the British car industry, but to do so in a way that would innovate with its technology and efficiency. Throughout the late 80s' and the 90s', LMT Motors only produced few models, producing many unique racing cars and only few small cars. However after 2004 when car production in England began to slowly resume, LMT Motors began to produce a full model range of cars ranging from very small microcars with fuel consumption unheard of, to large luxurious cars that are still efficient relative to their power, and even the occasion record breaking hypercars. The future is unknown for LMT Motors, but the latest seemingly insane concept cars might give us a clue...

The brand values sportiness, economy,premium feel and emissions.

Medals & Awards2 / 14 medals

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