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Company nameTucsun
Founded year1968
In the 1940's Tucsun Motociclette Inc made small, cheap, and fun motorcycles for the people of Sicily.  In the 1950's Tucsun began making racing motorcycles and in 1956 slowly started race tuning Alfa Romeos.  In 1962 they started to produce fast racing cars and they won Le Mans 4 times in a row.  After their great success, in 1968 they began making fast and sporty road cars.  Sadly, sales weren't that great despite the cars great performance. In the mid 1970's they shifted there focus to cars that people wanted to buy.  This gave the newly found Tucsun Motors great popularity and sales sky rocketed.  In the late 80's Tucsun Motors got bored with making slow cars, so they opened a new division called TPL (Tucsun Performance Line). With highly tuned engines the new line of cars were fast, fun, and economical. Sales were steady and people gave Tucsun Motors praise for there great cars.  Tucsun Motors is still making fun cars for the people of Italy and around the world.

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