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Company nameOberon Automotive Engineering
Founded year2003
CountryUnited States
The story of Oberon Automotive Engineering began in the fall of 2000, when the parents of 18-year-old Alan Furrier were killed in an accident with a semi suffering from brake failure, leaving behind a multi-million dollar inheritance. Alan had recently been accepted into a renowned engineering university, but his studies suffered as he fought a protracted legal battle with the semi driver. By the end of his first semester, Alan's grades were so low that the University placed him on academic probation; if he didn't pull up his grades by the end of the second semester, he would face expulsion. Frustrated and overworked, he withdrew from the univeristy to focus on his legal fight. Then, alone on Christmas Day, Alan recieved a phone call informing him that his case had been dropped; the semi driver would face no penalty for his negligence. Alan retreated into his home, vanishing from the world around him. There, he drew countless blueprints, simultaneously entering the world of the stock market.

In November of 2001, Alan purchased an abandoned warehouse in Virginia, near the coast, and quickly filled it with the specializd equipment needed to produce automobiles. Hiring nearly a hundred workers with the funds gained from his stock trading, Alan started the company that would become Oberon Automotive Engineering. By February, the first Vestas were going on sale, and by May the Juno and Metis lines were launched.


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