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Company nameDKWorks
Founded year1976
DKWorks Automotive and Engineering was founded in Greece in 1976 based on its founders dream to create good and reliable cars. The founder Mr. Dimkon was an engineer already by profession. At May in 1976 he began designing his first engine, the 2.2 RC-01 '76 which he intended to be used in racing cars. Putting a lot of effort to it,  the engine was completed in December, same year. But finding a car manufacturer was extremely difficult. No one would accept to use an engine constructed by an unknown company. Mr. Dimkon decided that he would give his engine away for free to anyone who was willing to take it and apply it to a car. After a lot of searching finally a local racing team named “Anemos” was interested in trying the engine on their new built chassis. Thus the “DKWorks Olympian” was born. The experiment was successful. The team granted their first championship victory in the lower category league with ease. The driver of the winning car declared that the engine was a blast, responsive and reliable .And what better advertisement to find than an already won championship? After this the engine was applied to much more experienced and recognized racing teams with same results. The Winning team “Anemos” and DKWorks started working together since then.”Anemos” had become the lead car designing part of DKWorks and later absorbed by it changing its name to “DKWorks Designing Dpt.” . Together they managed to bring the company to unknown heights and distinction .Creating cars that provide whatever a supercar fan ever wanted the company become the lead supercar production brand in the area, gaining respect by many other famous Supercar Manufacturers around the world. Being innovative and reliable to the customer’s needs we will continue to provide supercars that put the word “Speed” to new levels.

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