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Company nameBaltazar Automóveis
Founded year1947
Between 1930 and 1945, Brazil was governed by Getulio Vargas, a dictator with nationalist plans. After kicking off the country modernization, he envisioned that a car company was needed. He turned to the Baltazar Bondes Ltda, a tram building company on the city of Curitiba, for his plan to come true. With the state funding, a car project was built, on the lines of the german KdF wagen, a cheap and reliable car for the people. However, the state funding was turned into a minimum after Vargas was deposed, with delayed the car launch until 1947.

After the success on the home market the company expanded, while keeping its original value for money philosophy. The huge profits allowed the company to pursue the founder dream of making a racing division, which has been very successful.

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