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Company nameXYR Industries
Founded year2012
XYR is an Italian car manufacturer that has produced sports and luxury cars since late 2012. Their line-up provides outstanding performance, safety and luxury with amazing value for money. So far, they have released three excellent models, the now defunct GT, the brand-new Salamanca and the really brand new One. They are also beginning work on a fourth.

Both the GT, the Salamanca and the One have been extremely successful. Critics have praised their quality of work and the excellent value for money when consumers purchase one of the cars from the lineup. But they couldn't do it alone. Their tuning sub-brand, AutoTek, helps squeeze every last drop of performance out of their cars. They also help with styling and the functionality of the car itself. Without them, XYR wouldn't have been so successful.

Tyashi Devanté, aged 22, is a multi-millionaire from Syracuse, Italy. He is the founder and CEO of XYR Industries, and has been so throughout the three year time-span. He hopes that, by showing his designs to the world, that someone will share the passion he has for cars, and helps shape the future of the motor vehicle.

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