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Company nameBrighton Motors
Founded year1956
CountryUnited States
Geoff Brighton was an Australian with a vision. After moving to the USA with his parents as a teenager, he went on to serve in the US Army in the Pacific theater of World War II. Working as a mechinic, he was responsible for maintaining jeeps, tanks and even planes.
Geoff survived the war, and with the new skills he'd learned as a mechanic, he eventually became interested in building his own engines. He worked for a few years as a mechanic before getting the funds together for university. Five years and an engineering degree later, Geoff Brighton founded Brighton Motors. His initial aim was to build engines, not whole cars. He relised, however, that to sell engines, he would need to put one in a car first to get the Brighton name out into the world. And so began Brighton Motors' car manufacturing division.

For the car design and manufacturing process, he hired a good friend he'd met during the war: Arthur Wright. Arthur was responsible for the running of the manufacturing department and helping design the cars. By the end of the year in 1956, Brighton Motors had it's first rolling prototype motor vehicle: The Brighton Model X.

After getting Brighton off the ground, Geoff focused the company more on the engine building side of things, keeping their model range geared more toward utility and practicality. Arthur Wright founded Argus with Brighton Motors as the parent company. That's another story, but in short Argus is the main car making division of Brighton Motors. All Argus vehicles use Brighton engines.

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