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Company nameVelocity Engineering
Founded year1964
CountryUnited States
Velocity first began as a small tuning shop for owners who wanted to squeeze some more ponies from their 289 Mustangs but soon began experimenting with other vehicles. Eventually offering packages for virtually anything with an engine and 4 wheels. After 21 successful years Velocity released their first in house vehicle the 1985 Sabre, this saloon went on market as a competitor to BMW's 5-series. While it wasn't even close to beating the 5-series in sales volume the Sabre was fairly successful prompting Velocity to begin designing more in house vehicles. In the early 90's Velocity created a Police for the Harris County Sheriff's Department and has since continued to help design and build Police vehicles from Interceptors to Utility PPVs. Now part of the 200 mph club the company has high hopes for future vehicles.

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