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Company nameRaufoss Engineering Company
Founded year1901
In 1901, Bernhard Moen Westergaard decided he would make use of the surplus energy produced by the newly erected Raufoss Hydroplant. Moen decided to go the electro chemistry/metallurgy route and Raufoss Engineering soon after became one of Norways top producers of steel, ferrosilicon and zinc.

After the invation of Norway, the occupying forces decided to expand on the already hi-tec facilities, and added a production facitily for diesel engines for the new railway they were producing. Bernhard didn't appreciate the hostile takeover of his facilities, but figuring it was pointless to resist, he agreed to work alongside the Germans if he would still be in charge of the daily runnings. In december 1944, saboteurs from the Norwegian resistance decided to blow up the facility, weeks before its grand opening, and only months before the war finished. Bernhard was one of the casualties.

After the war, John Herman Moen, Bernhards son, wanted to continue his fathers legacy and make use of the newly aquired knowledge about diesel engines. The now free country no longer had the same needs for locomotives, however, so John made the bold move to switch his focus to a new industry and started working on RECs first automobile.

Meanwhile, Johns older brother Franck had been dedicated his life into a solution for the Entscheidungsproblem. When the Church-Turing thesis got published, Franck couldn't accept it, and decided to move to Sweden and become a lumberjack. 

Medals & Awards1 / 14 medals

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