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Company nameHeavyC Inc.
Founded year2014
CountryUnited States
HeavyC Inc. started in 2014 as a small automotive startup with big dreams. Starting from scratch with only a handful of people, HeavyC Inc looks to provide cars, trucks, and SUV's to the masses while keeping true to the american spirit. American is what this company is about. American sourced materials, American factories, and American ideals. This will be the next "True American Car Company". Using a combination of unique design coupled with engines that provide power and economy, HeavyC Inc. will appeal to anyone and everyone.

The Detroit Auto Show of 2016 is the target goal to unveil four all new concept vehicles. The plan is to have a family sedan, Midsize SUV, Sports car, and a surprise car that NOBODY that will be expecting. Stay tuned to see what the next True American Car Company has in store.

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