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Company nameTarus
Founded year1930
CountryUnited States
Tarus was founded on the princibles of win, then sell. it competed in many grand prix including the Indinoplois 500 and Nurburgring. It fell into banckruptcy in 1961 because of chevy trying to buy us out. But we proveled, and in 1966 we beat Chaparrel in the SCCA Can-Am seris. leaving the SCCA we went to Endurance racing, and Group 5 racing. Winning many Grand Prix and Constuctors championships, in 1990 we left endurance racing-by that time Group 5 was banished- and went to Trans Am racing and we still race Trans Am today. In our production cars we've never been knowen to have an under performing car, albeit since 1952 our cars have never faulterd in performance and comfort. But before 1952 our cars had, well lets just say some problems, more so in drivibity and reliability. But we got our act together and started making cars that would compete against the likes of Ford, Chevy, and even Ferrari. Now in 2015 our cars still have a legacy of performance and reliability, and it seems it will stay that way.

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