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Company nameGryphon Gear
Ownerstrop (Platinum Contributor)
Founded year2014
We are madness, we are speed. We are the roar and thunder, the sound and the fury.

Founded by a disgruntled, newly retrenched senior engineer from a local manufacturer preparing to flee the country. Joined by a motley handful of eccentrics and specialists united only by their obsession with making fast faster, Gryphon Gear started out as a small but high-end tuning house, operating out of a formerly abandoned warehouse. But a spark of madness formed into a vision, and behind the day-to-day flow of hotting up Holdens and custom carbon fiber molds, they worked on a labour of love, combining the extremes of their expertise, to build an original machine which epitomised their vision of madness in the pursuit of speed.

Never far from controversy, Gryphon Gear quickly established a reputation for going well beyond the pale. With cars that regularly broke 1 hp:kg, four digit outputs, more downforce than the Hands of God and face melting performance on the track, they became known for building racing cars that could never race in any sanctioned code of motorsport. So it was a surprise when they announced the formation of their racing division, starring mercurial talent Kai Kristensen, a rookie touring car driver who had just been infamously fired from his factory team after a race incident that got well out of hand...

Young and reckless, Gryphon Gear's early racing builds were characterised by ridiculous amounts of BOOOOOOST and ultra-aggressive tuning with no regard to actually being able to drive the car. But after a particularly illuminating season of ups and downs, they stood at a philosophical crossroads, where their unbridled indulgences lay bare for reexamination.

Now back for another year of action, Gryphon Gear have shed some of the newcomer's braggadocio, and replaced it with increased focus and maturity, in the hopes of becoming a true force to be reckoned with. We look forward to a whole new swag of exciting tournaments, collaborations, and of course, epic battles with our rivals... if they dare.

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