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Company nameSalmer
Founded year1895
CountryUnited Kingdom
Salmer began as a small engineering workshop, founded by a group of engineers in the late 1800's. They initially began manufacturing agricultural and industrial equipment however towards the end of the 19th century began to broaden their horizons as their business increased in size. They realized there was a market for small petrol engines to power their equipment and soon began to develop a small range of engines in order to suit their needs. 

Very soon, engines became their main source of income and in time the company began to look for further uses for their products. At this time, the automotive industry in england was small. Salmer soon realized that there was a market for affordable automation. As a result, Salmer began producing their first automobiles early on in the 1900's and began full production around 1910. Their first products weren't overly successful and production ceased after around 10 years however the company continued to produce engines as they were before. 

At the end of the WWII, Salmer attempted to join the market again in an attempt to create a cheap and affordable car for the people using parts left over from their production during the war. This time their attempt was a success, finally allowing Salmer to join the automotive industry successfully. The height of Salmers production occured in the early 1980's however they are still producing cars in smaller numbers to this day.

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