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Company nameRegalia Motors
Founded year1950
Founded in 1950, Regalia Motors first started manufacturing motors for industrial uses such as water pumps and power generators. In 1953, RM obtained the license to manufacture and modify the Willys Go Devil engine that powered the WW2 era Willys Jeep. Regalia Motors' first car, which debuted in 1955, was built upon the ladder chassis of the Willys jeep. Dubbed the Ace, the export trim "EX" did relatively well as a cheap economy car in the States. In the decade of land boats, the Ace managed to turn a profit boasting reliability, economy, and relative build quality. In Asia, the Ace proved invaluable as the asian trim "S" was both cheap and reliable. In 1965 the company released its first sports car. Called the Ghost, it was half the price of most european sports car at the time. Boasting a 3.5 liter straight 6 engine, 256hp, and a topspeed of 146 mph, it was serious competition for the Jaguar E-type and heralded that Philippine design was about to enter the world stage.

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