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Company nameAmerican Motors (AM)
Founded year1967
CountryUnited States
American motors was established by a former employee of the american automaker giant GM (General Motors) on His 30th birthday, April 7th, 1967, David Dugo opened up the doors, and his cars were an instant hit in the American as well as the Canadian public. He took great pride in keeping all manufacturing local, meaning that every single car was entirely designed and built in America, even the nuts and bolts were and still are made entirely in America using American extracted ore! Today, this company has a might equal to General Motors, and with equal or lower prices, despite it still being an ALL American company. It still takes great pride in being able to advertise that it is the "True all American motor-company". No outsourcing, no bull is their motto. They will continue to be the All american company until the day they shut their doors, which, by the looks of it, isn't anytime soon!

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