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Company nameKard Motor Works
Founded year2013
CountryUnited States

Kard Motor Works was started by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. At KMW, we believe that all cars should be sporty, despite the power of their engines. You will find the same handling, precision and sharp looks of our motorsports inspired vehicles in our economy vehicles. All cars by KMW will be either RWD or AWD. This may make our cars more expensive, but the end results are worth it. Look at our RWD vehicles for a classic balance and driving characteristic all but lost to modern day drivers, and our AWD vehicles for the cutting edge in technology, acceleration and sophistication. We at KMW agree that FWD has a place in modern vehicles... just not ours, and we readily encourage anyone seeking a good FWD experience to explore the options offered by our competitors. We also offer all our vehicles with a manual transmission for those who want to maintain a connected feeling with their car. F1-type paddle shift transmissions with an automatic mode are also offered, at a premium price for those who want a less traditional, but technologically superior driving experience.

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