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Company namePMW
Founded year1946
Palatine Motor Works (short PMW) also known under their original german name "Pfälzische Motoren Werke".
Founded in south-western-german region of palatinate after the 2nd World War to get people back into work and so for a normal life. PMW it self built mid-class and premium cars.

In 1948 PMW decided to built highvolume lowbudget cars under their new subbrand "Dicker Max".

In 2009 PMW bought an insolvent scandinavian carmanufakturer. Prinzenay used to be an low volume premiumcar manufacturer for decades.
Known for their superb midengine cars theit went into finacial troubles in late 90's and the bankcrysis of 2008 broke their neck.
PMW invested in its new Subbrand bringin out 2 new models.

Models and motors coming after Steam-portation.

Medals & Awards1 / 14 medals

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