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Company nameRedneck Automotive
Founded year1939
CountryUnited States
Started in a barn in the middle of nowhere in North Central Illinois by a few friends and family between working on the family's farms. The first car was patched together from the few pre-depression era beaters laying around and what ever spare farm equipment they could use. Unfortunately days after pushing that first car out onto the street Germany invaded Poland. The two friends with family in Germany and Italy feared the leaders of the governments so they went to join their cousins in the underground resistance. Not having the spare hands to get the farming done and to work on the cars. They had to stop tinkering with the cars. As Europe descended into a bloody war the other guys found their way into the army in a variety of different positions. The guys spread all over the world now thinking about the finished car just sitting in the barn and the pieces of the next one spread out on the floor of 3 different barns and garages. Days  after the invasion of France even though in completely separate parts of the world they all use the prospect of building cars again to get through the rest of the war. Unbeknownst to the guys over seas their younger sisters and a couple female cousins that as they became old enough to work they went to work in factories and learned a lot of different skills. At one point seeing the car that was finished 5 years ago deteriorating they got it back running. Having a good time getting that one back together they start to put the next one together. About half way into the 2nd car they send letters and picture of the running car and the half started one to the guys over seas with some words of encouragement. As the guys got back one by one they talked about doing cars for a living. They start by just working on others and fixing them and making them faster for the GIs that need more thrills. The women that got the car going again did paint and interiors and now the company has grown to low production company with many cars.

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